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Dr.Enrique Perez, a native of Mexico City and 12-year-practicing dentist in Cuernavaca, has opened what is believed to be PA’s first ever full-service dental office.The new office is located on the Marina Grande Central and across the street from the School.

He and his wife, sonya, have a 5-year-old son and are now living in the resort area. Cuernavaca, for the uninitiated, is an industrial city in south central Mexico’s Cuernavaca Valley near Mexico City. It is a popular tourist and health resort destination, indicating doctors there have the skills to satisfy. In addition to regular dentistry such as fillings, extractions and other purely medically required services, Dr. Perez has taken a number of courses in aesthetic dentistry and Botox application, including a dental implant course at Harvard’s Department of Restorative Dentistry. Dr. Perez earned his degrees from Metropolitan and International Universities in Mexico City and various other specialized courses in places like Las Vegas. His services include orthodontics, the latest in computer generated crowns, caps, implants and laser whitening. His family’s move to Puerto Aventuras from a large 120 square meter office in Cuernavaca is simply explained: “This place is so beautiful. It’s amazing. Our son even loves it here.” There are no beaches in Cuernavaca. To accommodate walk-in patients when he might not be in the office, he has a sign “OPEN” posted on the door with a phone number to call, 984-113-5097. “I come in every morning and turn everything on. If people call me,I can be there in less than five minutes,” he said. Dr. Perez is a runner and expects to join more than 400 runners in this year’s annual PA runathon.